Fondazione di Partecipazione Arte e Cultura
Reviewer: Massimiliano Chiappinelli
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The Morning Call Review
Reviewer: Steve Siegel
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Fanfare Magazine
Interviewer/Reviewer: Maria Nockin
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Fanfare Magazine
Reviewer: Colin Clarke
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"In their rendition of these miniatures [5 Hommages by David Osbon], the Anglo-American Duo exhibit their usual solid technique and imbue it with great sensitivity."

"The Anglo-American Duo and cellist Lorraine Deacon play [Still Waiting for the Revolution... by David Osbon] with great virtuosity and intriguing musical colors."

"Anthems After Prometheus is an excellent collection of David Osbon's fascinating compositions played by musicians of great virtuosity."

--Fanfare Magazine

"Schwarz commands a lovely, open upper register in his playing, made almost visceral by the recording's close miking - one can almost feel the silky texture of the strings. The performance is intense and passionate, with a fervor that grabs one's attention for the duration of the nine minute-long piece."

-The Morning Call (Bethlehem, PA)

"The masterful performance of the two musicians was acclaimed by the audience in the hall; in particular the virtuosity and the expressive power of Schwarz, combined with the intuition and unmistakable refinement of the pianist Beament."

-FONDARC (Rome, Italy)


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