The Anglo-American Duo

Praised for their energetic and sophisticated performances, The Anglo-American Duo specializes in music from America and Britain. Comprised of American violinist Timothy Schwarz and British pianist Jane Beament, the Duo has given numerous British and world premieres. They have performed in many venues in the United Kingdom, including the London College of Music, Reading University, Ealing Festival, Dulwich College, and Kingston University, among others. Other European concerts include performances in Italy at the Grumo Festival, Ludus Tonalis, and the Colle Ionci Cultural Association, and performances in Hungary at the Tibor Vargas Conservatoire in Györ. In the USA, the Duo has performed at the University of Delaware, Rowan University (NJ), Kutztown University (PA), Middlesex Community College (MA), the Chamber Music Series of Greater Johnston (PA), and the Chamber Music Series in the Old Chapel (Bethlehem, PA). Radio performances include Classic Shock on Radio Libera Tutti (Italy) and Simply Grand on WVIA (USA).

The Duo is also known for its pedagogical experience. Their masterclasses combine an American and European approach to music, and show how the two schools of thought can be combined to bring a unique approach to standard repertoire. An avid supporter of contemporary music, the Duo regularly works with both professional and student composers, and has commissioned several new works. They are considered a leading authority on the works of David Osbon, and have given lecture demonstrations on the works of George Crumb. For more information and a complete listing of concerts, visit

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